Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Bull

Tuesday, April 21st, and time for me to switch to the next page on my vintage Zodiac calendar.
Because a little bit of bull never hurt anybody (or then again, perhaps it has....):
 Taurus The Bull - the artwork on this calendar that I am planning/hoping to show you each time I flip to a new page is by Bruce and Ann Butte, and, as you can see, my calendar is from 1970:
I have fun trying to find little things to clip on up above each "month", because this hanger is the only thing that works for me to use to hold it.
I LOVE this colorful artwork so much!


lorlore said...

So colorful!! Love it!!!

Diane said...

Too cool!

Tina Dawn said...

Well, that bull is pretty cute, and it looks like he knows it! Love the purple. Love T

Karen Jo said...

I remember that year! I come into your life in October. About a week before your birthday.