Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Once Upon A Time in Placerville No. 17: Corner of Main and Sheridan Streets

Good morning. Tina here. Here is another post about a piece of Placerville history lost. I actually don't remember when this house was torn down, I think it was in the 80's. It was just East of three little cabins across from the Placerville Fruit Growers Association, one cabin is now Sierra Glass Works, a cute little shop to peruse for a birthday present. The photo below is looking at the home from across Sheridan.

The lot it was on still sits empty. Wouldn't it have been better if someone had rescued the home and maybe even lived in it?

Think of the great view the owner would have of the Wagon Train Parade!

And instead of being in the "Once Upon a Time" posts, I could have put in in the "Past is Present in Placerville" posts.

So sad...


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, I surely DO wish someone had restored it. I'd have been happy to live in it!
Thank you for sharing the pictures.
I always enjoy these posts, even if it is something that's long gone.

lorlore said...

Thanks for sharing these photos!! Always fun to see the past!!!