Friday, April 24, 2015

What's Penny Wearing? #115 A Dress From Simplicity Pattern #5371

Penny is sporting some eyelet trim this morning........
She's wearing an old dress of mine from the 1970's, which I'm pretty positive was made from this pattern:
I found a copy of the pattern at a thrift store - and I thought it looked familiar.
With no eyelet placed along the bottom portion of the bodice, and the elastic left out of the sleeves, I feel sure it is the same.
This dress was actually one that Lori made for me (I paid her to sew for me when we were in high school because she was better at it than me).
I wore it when I worked as a waitress at Sierra Nevada House III in Coloma, California.
 I would have had an apron on over it - had to have pockets for my ticket book and pencil!
(Please click here to go back and read my post about the Sierra Nevada House.)
It was the first job I had, after babysitting. My friend Karen trained me as a waitress.
She was very good at her job, and I'm so glad I learned from the best because I did it for a long time.
You know, I do surprise even myself, sometimes with some of the things I have saved.
 I mean, I wore this more than forty years ago, and it definitely no longer fits!
Full length view of the long version on the pattern:
And a full length view of mine on Penny:
The back of the pattern:
A close-up on the top:
And one more view of one of the patterns:
Isn't it a cute fabric?
I'm planning to do another post as soon as I can in which I will show you some of the other waitress uniforms I wore back in the day - at a different restaurant, in a different town!


Diane said...

How cute is that fabric? Like the colors!

Anonymous said...

OMG, that dress is just the absolute cutest!! That pattern is so adorable x

Tina Dawn said...

That is a very similar pattern to the dress I made to wear when I portrayed Mrs. Veerkamp in the "El Dorado's True Gold" program in 2013. It has trim placed just like that. Love the cute fabric! I don't remember what you wore back then at all. I wore a long old fashioned dress that I no longer have and a long skirt that I still have, and no, it doesn't fit! Love T