Monday, April 6, 2015

One Of The Reasons Why I Love Blogging

Back in January of 2014, I wrote about finding this sweet painting of a fawn done by an artist named Jean Crist at a thrift store:
Flash forward about fourteen months, and the great-grandson of the artist contacted me after having found my post during a Google search.
He wanted to know if I still had the painting and if I might be willing to sell it.
We corresponded back and forth through e-mails, and he shared with me a couple of photos of two other paintings his great grandmother had done.
Here is a  lovely floral painting she created:
And a majestic elephant:
This young man was able to drive to my area and pick up the painting, as we had arranged, at Mountain Treasures.
I was out of town that weekend and did not get to meet him.
 He is planning to surprise his mother with it on her birthday later this month.
He was kind enough to leave me a lovely note and even an original hand-painted card he had done himself, which you can see below:
So, you see, had I not found the painting and written about it here on this blog, and included the name of the artist, he would never have known it existed.
And now, because I did - and because he searched and found it - the painting is right back in their family.
Which, I believe, is precisely where it belongs.
And THAT, my friends is one of the reasons why I love blogging.
Because endings don't get too much happier than that.


holli said...

I love this!! That's the coolest story and proof how powerful internet is. I cant imagine the joy of having a loved ones art back. So awesome!

Tina Dawn said...

I often wonder what will happen to my paintings when I am gone, and I hope my family treasures at least a few of them enough to hang on to them. I loved your story and I wish your young man and his mom a happy surprise and a fun birthday celebration. Love T

Tami Von Zalez said...

That is a feel good story and even I would be tempted to part with such a treasure.

Sunnyana said...

What pretty pictures and what a wonderful story. I can't wait to hear about what happens. Tina, do you ever show any of your paintings here? I'd love to see them.

Rosie said...

So nice when this happens! What a wonderful "reunion!" :)

Leanne said...

How wonderful!