Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 9712 - A Dress And Bib-Jumper

Today's pattern is Simplicity 9712 (from 1972), a cute dress with a jumper to wear over it:
Shown above (in the advertisement for Cone Fabrics from a Simplicity pattern magazine/catalog), and also below on the front of the pattern itself,  both versions feature a red dress, whether solid or a calico print, and then each is topped with a blue bib-jumper in denim or a similar fabric.
They also added either an applique or a pin, as you can see:
You can change things up so much when you make it yourself - the possibilities are endless!
It's very cute as shown in the photos on the models, both on the pattern and in the magazine.
However, I actually like the drawing on the pattern front the best - the one with the shorter dress in pink gingham and the green floral print jumper worn over it:
And what a lovely an old-fashioned look, as well, with the black velvet jumper layered over the dress done up in a sheer white fabric!
Last of all today, I always like to show you  the back of the pattern,
when I can:
Oh - and just so I don't leave anything out, here is pattern number 9648,  for the jacket and pants worn by the second model in the top photo:
 That one just happens to feature an applique, as well.
(Ice cream cones always look good to me!)


Tina Dawn said...

Very cute. I love the velvet apron. Love T

Sunnyana said...

I love the jumper pattern. I would have worn any of the three but my favorite is view #1. I love green and pink and wore a lot of it in the 70's.

mailgirl said...

This reminds me of Holly Hobbie!!! Remember her?