Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Decorations - And Happy Wishes

Today's "thrifty" finds for Easter are mostly eggs and egg cups.
First up, this fabulous vintage egg box:
I was tickled to find it because it is like a few others I have, one of which was an Easter gift when I was a little girl:
I also found the yellow and green egg box front and center in the photo below - this one was discovered at Mountain Treasures in Sonora, where we have our booth:
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it - because I had recently added one exactly like it to my "Favorites" on Etsy!
This one was priced at less than one-fourth the price online!
Look at those adorable little green bunnies around the sides:
I found this little egg cup guy at a thrift store, also.
He appears to have had a bit of a rough life:

But things are looking up for him since I paired him up with the little gal below.
It seems she only has eyes for him:

I decided this little man was a pastor preparing to give his Easter sermon, rather than a groom - what do you think?
 I'm calling this next little scene "Chocolate Eggs Under Glass":
I found this antique ceramic stand some time ago. It looks pretty nice filled up with a couple of plastic eggs and a couple of thrift store pomanders that I have filled with lavender:

I can't seem to resist china egg cups, especially vintage ones made in Japan - like this orange pair:
I found the orange chicken  cup last year after Easter, and my little egg-shaped rock fits perfectly. The hand-painted egg cup is a more recent find:

Here's the painted egg cup again, below.
 The Betsy McCall figurine and the ceramic eggs were found during the year, as well:
I found a little bag of painted wooden eggs, and I managed to use them in a lot of different places:
A new copy of "The Golden Egg Book" - thrifted, of course:
And last, but not least two cute Easter egg cookie cutters:
(I kind of wanted  to make some Easter cookies with some of the cutters I found, but I was afraid I might find them far too tempting.)
I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter day!


Diane said...

Happy Easter! Wonderful collections!

EM said...

Happy Easter!

Stray Cat said...

I found the pink/bright pink and yellow/orange version of your yellow and green egg with the daisy design on the top of the lid just the other day! I was jumping with joy! They are in perfect condition and best of all....$3.00 each! I filled mine with fancy jelly beans for Easter. Love your blog!

Tina Dawn said...

What an interesting and colorful Easter post. I hope your dinner went well. Love T

Candice said...

Happy belated Easter! I was off the grid yesterday with my regular blogs. I like all your eggs and egg cups but I really like the pink one best. That's my favorite color, hot pink! I have some two aqua and one pink marble eggs!