Sunday, April 19, 2015

Color Wheels

Just a spot of color for you today, in the form of various color wheels I have found in some of my vintage books.
And I know I should have written down where I got them, but I didn't, and I'm sorry.
I just enjoy looking at them:
And so I thought perhaps you would, too!
Have a colorful day.


Sunnyana said...

I do enjoy them very much. I've always loved color wheels or anything that shows the full spectrum of colors of the rainbow. Thanks for sharing them!

Tina Dawn said...

They are very nice ones. I have some I have painted because most painting classes want you to make one so that you get used to mixing colors. Love T

Diane said...

Wouldn't those be cool framed and hung in a grouping?

Shelly said...

Wow - I'd love to know what books you found them in!