Friday, April 3, 2015

Butterflies In The Lilac Bush

When one of our grandsons was here last week, he and I noticed there were butterflies all over the lilac bush in the back yard.
I don't know how many pictures I took trying to get at least one that was decent!
They move and flutter too much, they were too high up and - I am NOT a photographer, by any means.
He kept trying (in vain) to get one of the butterflies to land on him. But he was too loud, and he never stayed still, either!
He also kept saying "I wish I had my net..."
I was kind of glad he didn't.
And, oh - the lilacs smell SO good!


Tina Dawn said...

Oh, what a wonderful treat! Our lilacs are blooming too, and we have butterflies, but no little boy to help us notice the joys in life. Love T

lorlore said...

You captured them well!! I, too, have one blooming in my yard, love them!!!!

Sunnyana said...

For not being a photographer I think you did a GREAT job. I think these butterflies are called Painted Ladies. One year we were right in their migration path and there were thousands of them everywhere. It was wonderful. I love your lilacs, too. I have one little bush that had a few blooms last year but I haven't seen any buds yet this year.

Diane said...

Love lilacs! None blooming here yet.

mailgirl said...

Great job!!!! No net needed!!!!