Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wine and Painting Class in Folsom

Good morning. Tina here.
Last week my sisters-in-law and I went to a cute little shop in Folsom, called Paints, where we painted and drank wine while we followed along with the instructor creating an island landscape. It is rather like paint by numbers except you end up with differences since you start with a blank canvas. 
The instructor would show us how to go about painting the sky, tree, hula girl, etc., on a piece of paper. I like the way her samples turned out. She showed us the painting below in the beginning to give us an idea of how our paintings would look.
Everyone immediately got into the spirit of the class, even before the wine was poured. It was fun to look around at the walls and see all the samples other classes had followed.

The instructor completed the painting below. She even showed us how we should sign our paintings.

Before the class we ate at a great sushi restaurant just down the street, and sat next to a family, a couple and their two daughters, who ended up sitting next to us in class also.
I didn't think I would like the idea of painting what everyone else was painting, but it was fun, and the interaction with the other artists and the instructor made the evening even more enjoyable.
When we were all done we all took photos of each others work and everyone was so proud of what they did!
I guess the hula girl will join all of the other paintings on the wall.
When we had a spare moment we would chose our favorites out of each area.
Budding artists at work as their efforts are preserved on cell phone cameras.
Above is my sister-in-law Cheri's fairy and sun fantasy.
My sister-in-law Megan's had a dancer who wanted to fly away with the sea birds.
My hula girl with her dread locks offered a pineapple to the gods.
I thought the family below was cute, one daughter painted like her mom, and one like her dad.
This group below had so much fun! Strangers became friends.
When we were done, Megan tried a little bit of shopping and tried on a dress which didn't work out, but it was still fun.
We are planning a return trip the next time sisters-in-law come to visit. I have four of them so it probably won't be too long!


Heidi Ann said...

That really does look like fun!
It looks like everybody does a wonderful job.
Very cool!

Melanie said...

That looks like fun! Your painting is beautiful. I especially like how you added the pineapple.