Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Few More Of Those Beautiful Breck Girls

I have written posts about the gorgeous Breck girls painted over the years by the great Ralph William Williams three other times in the past: here, here, and here.
But I keep finding more, so here I go again!
We'll begin with the lovely Linda Felber.....
America's Junior Miss in 1964:
And here's TWA Hostess Judy Neumann:
"The girl in the air with the most beautiful hair"
I don't have the name of this next beauty:
She reminds me of Allison Janney, I think - anybody else see it?
(Somewhere I have notes I made telling me which year those last two were printed; I'll have to add it in when I find the information!
I'm guessing mid-sixties, as well, though.)
And this last one is from 1966 - another gorgeous lady:

I'd say that Breck certainly hit on a great idea when they hired Ralph William Williams to paint all of these portraits, wouldn't you?


Tina Dawn said...

I always enjoyed seeing the Breck Girls. There were fewer magazines back then, now there are so many it is advertisement overload. Thanks for sharing. Love T

Debbie said...

Such a lovely post. I admired the Breck Girls, too!