Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vintage Playing Cards And Game Cards

I have some great old cards. These art deco style ladies from the 30's are some of my favorites:
And I just LOVE this set of Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards!

These are from a great set with photos of the "Leading Moving Picture Stars"
The Donald Duck Game - don't know how to play that one! From maybe the 40's?, I think:
And these last ones aren't old - but they're cute. Old Maid and Donkey card games. I got these in my Christmas stocking a few years ago:
I think I'll have to photocopy some of the old ones ( in the first 4 pictures) to use in cards, scrapbooking or crafts, because I don't think I can bear to part with them!


Anonymous said...

I love the old fortune telling cards. In fact, I love all of them. Thanks for sharing.

Annette said...

Those ladies are very nice, and the fortune telling cards are great. I have a little collection of that kind of thing. They are fun to use. Love T

Anonymous said...

Love the colors on the art deco ones - beautiful.

laurie said...

Love the vintage playing cards and posted about them awhile ago as well. I also have a deck of fortune telling ones just like yours. I would recommend color copies...I use them alot, the color is great and you don't have to sacrifice your original cards!

Vintage Hunter said...

Fun collection! They would definitely be neat to scan and use in paper crafts.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I wish I had all of my old playing cards! You have quite a collection. But then, what don't you collect? Everything is just wonderful!!!