Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rand McNally Elf Books

I love these vintage books so much!
They are just the CUTEST stories,
With the sweetest illustrations!
The little blue train here, from Bedtime Stories, reminds me of Thomas The Tank Engine with his smiling face! Wonder which came first?
And then, there are the Junior Elf books - smaller ones. Can you believe how cute this one is?
Absolutely too adorable.
If I had unlimited funds, I would search Ebay and everywhere else, and buy every single one I could find until I had every one ever printed. I don't need them, of course - I just love them. And I want them. I can't help myself.


Karen Jo said...

I had Little Lamb's Hat! Thanks for the memory! Love, Deb

Annette said...

I love those little books also. I have several packed away. I need to dig them out and read them again! Love T