Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tiger Lily

We have just this one tiger lily plant in our yard- but we look forward to seeing it bloom every year. From the very first flower:
To around 10 days later, when there were multiple blooms! (This picture was taken about 3 weeks ago.)
And just because I am a Disney freak - I felt this post needed to include Princess Tiger Lily from Peter Pan. This was the only picture I could find of her - see her in the back of the little boat there? (Picture from the Big Golden Book published by Golden Press). Tiger Lily refused to tell Captain Hook and Smee where Peter Pan lived, so they threatened to tie her to Skull Rock where the tide would wash over her.
And look! Here is Skull Rock Cove with it's waterfalls at Disneyland, circa 1974.
I love Disneyland!


Annette said...

We have lilies blooming now also, they are all yellow. I plant all kinds of other colors and I end up with all yellow ones. They are very glorious, but almost too hot looking right now because of their color. It is so hot outside that I wish I had a lot of blue flowers to cool off the yard! Love T

Monica said...

I want to get those lilys, everyone seems to have that style now with the stems like that!!!!