Friday, June 13, 2008

Vintage Menus

I have a special fascination with vintage menus. Maybe it stems from working in restaurants for 20 years, I don't know. These first two are gorgeous examples, from a cruise to Hawaii on the S.S. Lurline taken by my mother-in-law in the 1936.
Such beautiful colors on these! They were designed for Matson Navigation Co. by Frank MacIntosh.
This is a wonderful book filled with photographs and information. "May I Take Your Order?" - beautifully gathered by the author Jim Heimann.
I think my Grandpa had this old menu from Buena Park:
I get a kick out of their slogan "Duck Inn and Waddle Out". Indeed.. I'll have that Roast Leg of Pork Dinner for 90 cents, and a slice of that 15 cent pie, please. (Click on it to make it larger and legible!)
This last one was here in the house, too, from The Columbia House. The restaurant still exists, but is now The Jenny Lind Restaurant, and is operated, along with the City Hotel and the Fallon Ice Cream Parlor, by Forever Resorts.
Oh, and I think the prices might be a little higher now.


Anonymous said...

I have a postcard of the second print- the one that says "Aloha." I bought about 6 postcards, and I'm sure that they were designed by the same person. We blew them up to poster size, framed them, and have them in our kitchen. They look great, the colors are stunning. I don't have the first one, but I'd love to get it. We will have to tawk . . . :-)

Annette said...

I can't believe Grandpa had a menu from a "fancy" restaurant in Buena Park. I thought his favorite was "Norms". At least that is where he always took us! It was good, but I don't remember what I ever had, probably spaghetti. I have a postcard, from the 60s, of the inside of the Columbia House Restaurant, with a lovely waitress dressed in old fashioned clothes. Love T

Monica said...

I love the menus!!! The Hawaiian ones are great!!!