Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Daddy's Day. This is a cute little card that my husband and his brother gave to their dad years ago. And with it, a little photo of our Daddy with all of his girls! Wish we could still celebrate this day with him.
And this vintage card, below, was given from hubby's mom to his dad way back when. This is so cute, it's like a little booklet with six pages inside and the little poem I've included at the bottom of this post. Happy Father's Day to my late father, my husband, my nephew, my uncles - and every other wonderful father out there! May you all feel the love that we three girls had for our beloved Daddy.
And the poem found inside the card above:
"How to be happy though married?"
That's a popular question today,
And some couples never do solve it
And each goes a separate way;
But I know the answer - no foolin'-
It's really a simple one, too,
I solved it without any trouble
By just being married to you.

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Annette said...

What a lovely little poem. Love T