Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cub Scouts And Brownies

My husband and his brother were Cub Scouts, and my sisters and I were in Brownies and Girl Scouts. Here's a photo from the 50's of hubby's Cub Scout troop:
Their original neckerchiefs, below, certainly saw their share of wear! They are complete with rips, stains and fading.

And this picture is from an advertisement in a 1958 McCalls magazine. She is some den mother, huh? Teaching the Scouts how to tie knots in order to earn a merit badge, no doubt.There don't seem to be any pictures at all of we three sisters wearing our uniforms. I do still have some of my pins someplace. I remember going to Brownie Day Camp in the summer. I think we made trivets out of popsicle sticks. And I remember we took loosely woven dish cloths (I don't think they still make them like that anymore?), sewed them together on three sides, added a drawstring to the top, and put our camp dishes and cutlery inside so they could be washed right in the bag and hung on a clothesline to dry! It's funny the things that stick with you, isn't it?


Karen Jo said...

Which one is Brian? Nowadays (or at least when my girls were little), they use a mesh bag like for washing lingerie to put their dishes and silverware in at day camp. Then they hang it out to dry! Love, Deb

Annette said...

I don't know of any photos of us in uniform either. I only was a brownie for one year. We didn't have the camp then. Isn't it funny, now Lori lives very nearby there. I remember when you "little ones" went to your day camp. Thanks for the memories! Love T

Fred Goodwin said...

That's a nice scan of the den mother ad

Do you know which issue of McCall's that's from? Do you have a scan of the text of the ad? I'm curious to know who the ad was for and what they were advertising.


Fred Goodwin said...

By the way, which boys in the picture are your husband and his brothers?

Heidi Ann said...

My husband is in the back row at far left. His brother isn't in that picture.
Fred- if I had an e-mail for you, I'd be happy to scan the remainder of the ad and send it to you. I'm not even sure how I have things set up - but maybe if you go to my profile, you can e-mail me through that page?

laurie said...

Totally loved being a girl scout for years and years. I started out as a brownie with my mom as troop leader and went thru junior high and cadettes. I can still fit in one of my uniforms (altho very tight in the bust) and I have my sash with all the badges. I wear this outfit if I have a Halloween party to go to...always gets tons of comments. (My mom also has her old zip up the front tunic style leader outfit which I also use for parties.) Great memories!