Thursday, June 19, 2008

Look What I Got Today!

I won Nikki's giveaway over at The Hunt For Vintage (click on it from my list over on the right side of this page to go to her great blog!). And so - look at what I pulled out of the box!
So pretty, it felt like my birthday or something!
It was not only the pretty little colored shells ( to use for crafting - what shall I do? Maybe glue some onto a picture frame??), but she tucked in other little goodies, too! A gorgeous vintage hanky with blue roses, pink needle book, sequins, some big shells, great vintage milk bottle caps, etc.- and she packaged them all in TWO lovely card boxes! I LOVE vintage card and stationery boxes! Thank you, Nikki- you really made my day! I feel very lucky, indeed. And speaking of old card boxes - I found this little cutie just last Sunday when we were at the Georgetown sale. How sweet is she playing her zither surrounded by her little critter friends? So much sweetness.


Annette said...

Great vintage card boxes, can't think of a better person to have them. Love T

Monica said...

I had a zither once!! how cute!!!