Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vintage Cosmetics: Ads and Labels

Count these among the myriad of vintage things I love: Old cosmetic and perfume advertisements, labels, bottles, containers, etc. I have had this bottle, below, for many years. I like the size and shape of the bottle, and especially the label. I'm not even 100% certain that the label is authentic, but I don't mind because it's lovely. And I imagine the scent of the lotion must have been like that of the original Jergens - a scent I have always loved.

And I was lucky that this vintage advertisement for Colgate compacts, complete with monogram examples, fit perfectly into one of my nicest vintage frames. It was a bit too large for the scanner - but you can get the general idea.This large perfume label, below, wouldn't fit completely on my scanner bed, either. I haven't yet decided where would be the best place for it. Ideally I would affix it to the perfect thing - but what? If I had a cabinet door large enough, I'd consider having it in the "powder" room- but I don't.
My biggest problem with all my collecting is never having enough space to adequately display everything to my liking! ( A possible solution: Stop buying, and/or purge. Yeah, I'll have to try and work on that.)


Annette said...

I love the lady and the swan! You will find where it belongs, it may take a long while, but if you found it, it is for you and you will find the right spot. I personally have never (maybe the only person on the planet) really liked the Jergens scent, it is almonds and/or cherries, which I both like, but for some reason I am not into it. I used it anyway. Please don't stop buying OR purge. Who does collecting vintage hurt? No one at all. We are not using resources that the world needs, we are recycling. Keep it up, you are good at it, and it is a great talent. Love T

Karen Jo said...

Oh, I love that Jergens scent too!
Love, Deb

Bobbi Ann said...

Heidi Ann! I can't believe I never found your blog until this morning...we are sisters separated at birth!...okay, maybe not...but truly! It was like seeing ME in print! Thank you for sharing, and for keeping all these treasures...I have lost so many things over the years, moving around like a feels like you had all my things, taking care of them, all these years...thank you!!! Bobbi Ann

Heidi Ann said...

Bobbi Ann - I am delighted that you have discovered my blog, and that you are enjoying it! I'm always curious how someone finds me. I hope you will stop by often, and leave more comments - comments absolutely make my day!! Thank you.