Thursday, June 12, 2014

1930 Automobiles

Today I am sharing some automobile advertisements from a 1930 magazine.
We'll start off with the Ford Convertible Cabriolet, a very nice looking vehicle, indeed:
And next up, a stunning Studebaker.
John Mohler Studebaker got his start in the manufacturing business making wheelbarrows to sell to the gold miners during the gold rush.
During the El Dorado County Fair, held in Placerville (where the Gold Country Girls grew up) every summer, they hold the John M. Studebaker Wheelbarrow Races to celebrate that fact. This year's fair begins today, and the Wheelbarrow Races (the 70th!) will be held on Saturday. Tina's El Dorado Rose Pageant is tonight at the fair, too.
 You have to admit that this Studebaker, below is a great-looking automobile:
The new Chrysler Six:
And a Pontiac Big Six:
The 1930 Nash "400"
And the Willys Knight Great Six:
Here are a few more which, for me, were not as familiar.
I had heard of all the names above, but not so for these last three.
The Reo Flying Cloud (for Flying Down to Rio, perhaps? Just kidding. Gratuitous Fred Astaire reference...):
The Marmon Motor Car Company:
And the Essex Challenger:
So there you go.
Vintage automobile advertisements for your, um...
vehicular enjoyment!

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Tina Dawn said...

Very nice! I get to ride in a Model T tonight to go to the El Dorado Rose Pageant, so this is fits right into my day! Love T