Friday, June 20, 2014

A Visit To Amador Flower Farm

After our lunch at Taste Restaurant in Plymouth, which I wrote about yesterday, we went over to the Amador Flower Farm.
I had never been there before. What a beautiful place!

As you can see, I took a bunch of pictures:
SO many beautiful colors and varieties of daylilies:

So bright and pretty:
This tree is spectacular:
Lily close-ups:
I was so busy dawdling and trying to get pictures of all of the different lilies, I got a bit behind the others.
There are my friends, below - had to go catch up!
Isn't it awesome?
It's not ALL about the lilies, either:
This little quirky, angled building , below, fascinated me.  I thought that it must have been moved there from alongside Highway 49, because it looked just like a little structure that I remember always watching for as we would pass through Plymouth on our way to southern California way back when I was a kid.
When it disappeared, it made me kind of sad.
So, it may seem silly to you, but I was completely delighted to see it again! And, I might add, looking MUCH better than it did in it's previous, ramshackle, incarnation.
 It makes me very happy that somebody cared enough to save it:
We just wandered around the property and talked, and the weather was even fabulous that day.
There's a gorgeous angel monument on the property, too:
What an absolutely wonderful day we had!
I have made it a major goal of mine to spend more time with my family and friends that I don't usually get to see all that often.
 I'm glad to report that it's been working out pretty well, here lately.
And I am loving every minute of it.
(Edited on 6/30/2014 to add:)
 I received this photo of four of us and wanted to add it here. Unfortunately we never did get a person to snap a pic of all five of us together!
Thank you, Sonia, for the photo; seen below we are myself, Kathy, Marcia and Debbie:
Such a lovely day with you ladies!


Tina Dawn said...

Beautiful! Love those daylilies. My computer doesn't like a few of your pictures, but I love the ones I can see! The trees are gorgeous. I am so glad you got to spend time with all your friends. I remember the little shack also, it sat next to a home which also jutted out like that, but now the balcony is enclosed and you can't tell how odd it is. I think it is great it was rescued and it fits right in! Love T

lorlore said...

Your photos are really beautiful!!!! Great job!!!!

The Brittons said...

Such a pretty day, great photos!

website said...

Photos are really great. Looking forward to seeing it in person. Thanks for posting. I really appreciate it.

website said...

Photos are really great. I just wish I can see it in person. Thanks for posting!