Saturday, June 7, 2014

Some Of My Thrifty Finds

This was the first thing I spied when I walked in the door at that estate sale I went to last month, so I snapped it right up.
 I already have one, so this one will probably go into the shop:
This butterfly brooch was sitting all by itself at an outdoor church sale.
 They had the "nice" jewelry right next to the table where you paid, but this was in a weird place on a table all by itself clear across the parking lot.
No idea why, but it was a lot cheaper than the other stuff (none of which I wanted to buy.)
 This however, I love! Orange, enameled, with rhinestones:
I found these two vintage (80's) Taylor & Ng items at different shops, but I think they look great as a set - a recipe box and a trivet:
Stopped into one of the thrift stores here in town, and this little daisy Inarco bell was the only thing I bought:
This vintage hat was found at that same great estate sale up the street (Where I found such a bunch of good stuff! More posts to come on that.) :
I have had this rug, below, for a while.
 I was going to sell it, but after I changed our bedspread a while back to this lighter, (for warm weather) , richly colored one, I decided the rug looked fabulous next to the bed!
(It wouldn't have looked good with the previous bed coverings.):
I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but it's hand tooled leather with painted flowers, and I liked it.
 It's big, it's in the shape of a footprint - to use for what?
Any ideas?
Another angel candle holder for my collection:
I'm sure it will not surprise you that I bought this book just for the cover!
A wooden cutting board with a hand-painted Mexican scene on the other side, and also a painted scissors-holder:

Oh - and I found a set of three vintage Vera Neumann cloth napkins, too:

That's it for today's edition of thrifty thrift finds!


Tina Dawn said...

Well you have sure found a lot of great stuff! A leather big foot, huh?
Like that cute butterfly pin. Love T

Diane said...

Fun things! Love the Vera napkins. How big is that foot? Interesting!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Diane - The leather footprint thing is 12&1/2 by 8 inches.

Jill said...

Of course, I love the Vera napkins!