Wednesday, June 18, 2014

El Dorado County Fair -70th Annual John M. Studebaker Wheelbarrow Races, June 14, 2014 - El Dorado Rose 2014's first official event!

Good morning, Tina here. 

I have already started my rounds as El Dorado Rose, beginning with the Wheelbarrow Races last Saturday night at the El Dorado County Fair in Placerville. 

One of the beautiful members of my Court, in blue, Anita, joined me, and the lovely Golden Rose 2012, Judy, who has been such a help to me with my costumes.

There was an entire front row of seats blocked off for us, because we are special. LOL. We had a great, very close, view of the activities. The photo above is the grade school-age girls race.

Here the grade school-age boys load up their bags of "ore" and start the obstacles with a huge log.

Lots of hard work, mud, dust, sweat and water... There was a drone above filming it all. We are very up-to-date here in Placerville!

Davy "Doc" Wiser, rests after running in his 25th Wheelbarrow Race! He was awesome!

He came over by the grandstand and got hosed down. I think it was both to clean him off and to cool him off!

The pause that refreshes! He was later honored for twenty-five races, and thanked his wife and God.

My son Josh and his lovely fiance Tara joined us for the last two races. I had carefully saved a space for them through the other races, with my cane. Some of the folks used the bleachers as steps and I moved my cane out of the way for them each time so they wouldn't trip on it, most people said thank you, knowing they should use the stairs, but... Then all of a sudden here comes one rude man who just jumped up on the seat and onto the next, and he knocked my cane off the seat, and it fell below the bleachers into the dirt and trash and whatever else is down there. He of course did not care or notice, and was quickly gone into the bleachers somewhere. I was distraught! However, a lovely couple who had seen how carefully I moved the cane for all the shortcut-takers all that time (including themselves) said "don't worry, we will get it for you!" and send their two darling little girls down underneath and in minutes they brought my cane back for me. They were really happy to help an old fashioned-costumed grandma! So a rude incident turned into a really sweet moment and a great memory.

We Roses were introduced to the entire audience about mid-point in the races, and at the end of the races I was lucky enough to draw a winning ticket for a beautiful nugget necklace. The winner had already left, so I bet she was really surprised when they contacted her later!

Mackenzie Snyder won the Women's race for the second time. She was great, our very own Wonder Woman!

Brian Veerkamp wins his ninth race, breaking the record for the most races won, which was set by Chet Carsten in the 1940's and 50s.

Brian gave thanks to his wife Lori for putting up with him all these years!

My son and I enjoying the great races and the gorgeous weather!

I can't wait to go again next year!

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Heidi Ann said...

Looks like fun, Tina! It's been SO many years since I was there to see the Wheelbarrow Races!