Monday, June 9, 2014

Then And Now #99 Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies

My example of  "Then" for today is this advertisement for Pepperidge Farm's Milano cookies that I found in a magazine from 1995:
I think maybe those chocolate ones were the only type of Milano Cookies available at the time? But you know how food companies are, right? Always coming out with more and more flavors and kinds of everything? It's a wonder our grocers ever manage to find room on the shelves! (Unfortunately that sometimes results in the disappearance of something else we may have liked!)
I thought it would be fun to place a cookie (from "now") on top of their "actual size" outline in the ad - yes, it fits perfectly!
My husband came home one day with a bunch of goodies from a gift basket they had received at the office. These cookies were included. I rarely buy store-bought cookies (and that doesn't mean that there aren't ones out there that I love!), because I usually make cookies if we want some, but these were actually something I had wanted to check out.  I love chocolate and mint.
So, I didn't have to buy them!
Milano Melts Mint Chocolate Creme:
And I snapped this picture of the display of Milano Cookies at Safeway recently:
There are four different varieties pictured there, and not even including the ones we had at home!
See what I mean about not having room on the shelves?
Why do you think these were in a freestanding display - over by the milk?
This is how the shelf display looked the next time we went to the store:
 There are twelve different varieties of packages (of just Milano types) on those shelves above, if you look closely. Wow!
And my husband decided we needed to try these:

"Now", there are apparently a lot more Milano Cookies to choose from!
I counted thirteen varieties, including the "Melts" and the "Slices" when I checked out the Pepperidge Farm website!


lorlore said...

OMG!! i think i need to try those!!!!

EM said...

What no peanut butter-chocolate Milano?? (I think I would like the chocolate pretzel ones.)

Tina Dawn said...

I had no idea there were so many. The ones you got in the gift basket look really good, and the orange too. Crazy! Love T

Rob and Monica said...

I remember loving Milano cookies as a teenager(though until I got a paper route and my own pocket money, we rarely had them...they were relatively expensive). I only remember the one variety back then too. (Rob)