Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Patterns From The Past: McCall's 6306 Cross Stitch On Gingham

Today's pattern from the past celebrates the beauty of the gingham fabrics I love so much embellished with cross stitch embroidery.
Quite simply: a marriage made in heaven:
Coincidentally, I found this pretty little gingham tablecloth on the same day:
I did not pay that much attention to the pattern when I picked it up and put it in my basket. I didn't read what it says along the left side.
I only knew that I wanted it.
I hadn't even realized that this is what was inside:
Color patterns to follow for your cross-stitching onto the beloved checked fabric.
I was so tickled to see that these were what was inside!
Nice big charts shown on different colors of gingham.
I love them:
Oh - and the day I found those was the very same day I had posted about picking up vintage rick rack whenever I see it - too funny!
So, naturally, I got these when I saw them:
I had never seen this brand before, "Warren's" Rick Rack.
I love adding new and different (old) brands to my collection. And these still have the price tag sticker on the back indicating that they were purchased at the old City Of Paris department store in San Francisco.
Which makes them even more special - to me.


Tina Dawn said...

Great and colorful finds! Love T

Anonymous said...

After reading your post, today I found one of these at my local thrift store here in Australia! I collect vintage patterns, and had never seen patterns for these before. Mine is Simplicity 4726. I wish I could show it to you!