Monday, June 23, 2014


Lori and I are headed for Disneyland today!
She has a convention there for the Close To My Heart company, and I am going along.
 I don't think I am going to be able to do any posts while we are there, so I am scheduling some during my absence, and I hope to do some Disneyland posts when I return home.
I do not usually ever go to Disneyland in the summertime when it is crowded, but I am hoping to make the best of the situation.
Because, you see - you must remember:
I will be at My Happiest Place.
I found this illustration in one of my vintage Seventeen magazines from 1966.
I LOVE it.
The artist's name is M. Ruddock, and that's all I know.
Except for that I think it's fabulous.


Tina Dawn said...

A romantic fun night on the Mark Twain. I am so there! Have lots and lots of fun. Love T

Tina Dawn said...
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The Brittons said...

Have a blast at disney!!! Wahoo!