Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Vintage Peter Max Books

I finally got myself a copy of the "Peter Max Paper Airplane Book" for a reasonable price:
 A few of the pages inside:

 No, I will not be tearing it apart to make the paper airplanes (though they would be cool!).
After all, I still have my original Peter Max Poster Book from 1970, and I have managed to keep it intact all these years!
If I was EVER going to tear the posters out, it would only be if I intended to frame every single poster and cover an entire wall with them:
Because they ARE fabulous, and they surely do deserve to be enjoyed!
From the back of the book:
The only other Peter Max book I have ever found was this one, 'Peace", shown below.
As you can see, the cover is messed up. Looks like somebody went a little wild trying to remove the price tag, maybe....
And, the inside has a major inscription, as well:
Hey, Marsha - you messed up my book!
Hope Marty liked it.........


Diane said...

Oh my-- LOVE BOTH!! Those are really collectible too! I have a PM tray. Back in the day I had a Kinny Shoes poster that was a PM design. Had it up for years but didn't hang onto it-- could kick myself now.

Diane said...

Oops-- meant all 3!

lorlore said...

Fab!!!!!! ulous!!!!!!

Annette said...

His posters really sum up an era for me. They scream psychedelic. You have a cool collection!!

Tina Dawn said...

Groovy! Love Peter Max. I have a scarf and I think a book somewhere. It's bad when you have so much stuff you don't remember what you have. Love T