Monday, June 30, 2014

New Home For A Singer

I showed you in this previous post my antique "New Home" sewing machine cabinet that I have had (and used) since Daddy removed the non-working machine back in the early 1970's and put a new top on the base to make it into a usable piece of furniture.
It has served many purposes over the years as I have moved from place to place, from a vanity table to a desk to sort of a buffet table. It's not exactly fine furniture, but it is one of my favorite pieces, in large part because Daddy worked on it.
That makes it very special to me.
I still intend to move it at some point to a different place from where it is now (in our den) to use it as a sewing table.
My Singer will sit on top of it some day (I am determined!), but for now, at least I have a nice rolling carrying case in which to keep it when it is not in use. (Umm.. that would be most of the time, though I have a number of things in the planning stages  - simple sewing projects that somebody like me can handle!)
I saw the case in the ad for JoAnn Fabrics, and  went in to check it out:
My model of sewing machine (one of the least expensive and simplest) has a handle, but it didn't come with any kind of an actual case, so this one fits the bill quite nicely:
A strap inside to hold it more securely:
It's the "Rolling Sewing Machine Tote", from their "Organizing Essentials" line:
Even though it is a useful and practical item that I truly felt I had a need for, I would not have purchased it had it not been on sale.
Regular price: $89.99.
Sale price: $39.99.
Now, THAT is the kind of deal I will take them up on!
And so, you see: a New Home for my Singer.


lorlore said...

Love it, now start sewing!!!!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

I could use one of those! Mine has to go back in the box every time (as decreed by the hubby. I can't pick it up or anything, so I am stuck with the boss man in charge. LOL!