Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Fun - Hot Dog!

Here are Mom and Dad ( in their spiffy matching outfits!), getting those hot dogs ready to go, as Junior looks on, eagerly:
This young man doesn't need any assistance - he's helping himself quite handily:

Wow! This fellow must be feeding a crowd!
Frankfurter Treats (click to enlarge for the recipes). I like this idea - looks as if they're getting ready to have them with S'more's. I'm ready to eat....

No matter which brand you choose, be it Oscar Mayer Wieners or some other brand (which won't have as catchy a theme song!), enjoy your summer fun with hot dogs:

My husband eats them all the time. I actually really do like them too , but the best-tasting one aren't exactly Weight-Watchers friendly, especially when you add a regular bun, so usually I just have something else.
But if I went camping? I would be right there waiting for mine, hot off the campfire grill.
And I'd enjoy every single bite.


Tina Dawn said...

Oh boy, you've done it again, it isn't even 7 am and I want a hot dog! I used to only like mustard on mine but now I like some ketchup too. And maybe some onions, cut up small. Maybe some chili. Hummm, hot dog for breakfast I guess. Love T

Missa said...

I love the mom's swimsuit!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I enjoy a hot dog now and then. Besides the fat, there is too much salt in them too. Why does everything bad for you taste so good? We have tried the low fat versions and enjoyed those too. Have a nice day! Twyla