Monday, July 5, 2010

More Thrift Finds

Well, I hate to say it - but maybe I am sort of starting a new collection - I keep finding these brass birds at thrift shops. All of these except for the little brass bell with the bird on top, which belonged to my mother-in-law, were found recently. Cheap (or should that be cheep?) , and they don't take up much space!:

And then I also found a brass owl at a friend's yard sale, and these other assorted goodies there and at thrift shops:

A gorgeous vintage scarf - I'll be selling this one:

I found these four photo albums at a sale near my house. I like the one in the back the best:
Here's a better shot of it. I'm calling it my "MidCentury Modern sort of Frank Lloyd Wright-ish" album. I'm planning to sell this, also:

An urn/planter/vase, and two glass animals - a bunny and a duck - that will go into Easter baskets next year:

I picked up this caddy at a shop in Angel's Camp. It's quite heavy, silver-plated. It looked pretty bad when I bought it:
But it "cleaned up nicely", as they say, after some Twinkle polish and plenty of elbow grease!
And I have only found a very few Christmas items - two nice vintage tins, and the cutest little card box:
You know me - I will always keep showing you my latest finds!


Tina Dawn said...

I have a collection of brass animals and items that I keep on our woodstove. I have at least five owls. I ran out of room though, so I try to pass up more unless they are really different. Love your vintage earrings and your MCMsortofFLWish photo album. I have also always been fond of the little Christmas Card-made items. Love T

yosemite faith said...

you sure cleaned up that caddy - good job heidi~ love the 'bird bell'.

Mick said...

Cool stuff! I really love that green lamp in the first picture, its easy to be forced into collecting stuff by fate isn't it?! haha!

Dawn Gahan said...

Adore Christmas tins. Love the one on the right; never seen that one before.

~~Carol~~ said...

I love seeing all of your finds! You didn't mention it, but that green lamp is really amazing. And I couldn't really tell what she was, but I like that girl with the wings too. And the Christmas stuff. I'm still waiting for a really awesome haul at the garage sales and flea market. Summer has only just started though, I guess!
Happy Monday!

one gal's trash said...

Wow..that is quite the stash! My son found one of those brass birds and gave it to my M-I-L, she LOVED it. Is there anything better than turquoise buttons...? I think not.
Thanks for stopping by as always,

Missa said...

I love that bell! I think you and Milla are right, I think my new dress is a Gunne without the tags and I did get to wear it to the 4th of July party last night, it's definitely a new favorite, pictures to come!

Missa said...

Hope you had a wonderful 4th as well!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Always love seeing your finds, Heidi! How is your booth going? Twyla