Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whatcha Got Grillin'?

What do YOU like to grill?


Or maybe hamburgers...

and hot dogs?

Fresh-caught fish?
Or perhaps some shish-kebab?

Or maybe your favorite is one of my favorites?
Like salmon - yum!

Or chicken?

Or maybe ribs?

What do you like best?
(Most of these images are from Better Homes And Gardens, either books or magazines, old and new. Except the salmon - that was our dinner.)


Lorlore said...

I love it all!!!! But tonite I may try me some veggies tossed with a little olive oil and spices!!!

Tina Dawn said...

The shish-kebab looks especially good. But yes, salmon is my favorite... although the ribs look mighty fine. You always make me very hungry for breakfast when you do food blogs! Love T

~~Carol~~ said...

I just love those vintage images! The shish kebabs have really got my mouth watering. And I bet the salmon was delicious. We love it so much that we usually have it twice a week. A little asparagus and some corn on the cob. Yum!

yosemite faith said...

salmon tastes different here than when i lived in calif - i miss it. john does the 'beer can' chicken quite often (you know an open can of beer with a chicken on it) - he also does turkey legs quite often. i love it when he grills out - kitchen isn't as hot and fewer dishes too.

craftyles said...

Yes I'll be sharing all the 1956 calendar girls. Isn't she cute? I;ll be posting it toward the end of August-so if you want to do a craft or something -you'll have it. Love the vintage pic's-looks yummy!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Everything looks wonderful, but I'm afraid we are not very adventurous. Hamburgers and hot dogs are what we grill mostly. If we're really feeling adventurous we'll put on chicken - oooh. Twyla