Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Madras Plaid

I like madras plaid. I always have; there's just something so pretty about it. The best example I found is this fabulous Jonathan Logan dress, modeled here by the lovely Shelley Hack, from a 1970 Seventeen Magazine:

Here's a pretty patchwork poncho which is also from a 1970 Seventeen magazine. (There's Susan Dey again, too - in the other poncho, and in the striped bathing suit.)
Wranglers in a madras plaid - I hadn't found this ad yet when I did my post about Wranglers a while back!
And this is a shirt I found recently at a thrift store:
The only madras in my wardrobe.
( I found some nice examples online, if you're interested.)


Pamela said...

I once had a madras plaid skirt similar to the 70's dress (in fact it was in the 70's that I owned that skirt). It was made of 4 inch squares and sewn so that the raw edges would ravel. It was a long, floor length, wrap skirt; very comfortable and dearly loved). Not sure what happened to that skirt but so wish I still had it (although there is no way I could fit into it again). However your post about the dress inspires me and who knows maybe I'll fashion a new one for myself before fall.

You have a wonderful blog, thank you for sharing all these fun things, both the blast from the past and the fabulous newbies.

Envy that thrift top just a wee bit :o)

Tina Dawn said...

I remember wearing madras in high school. We tried to get the colors to run in hot water, it looked cooler then I guess was the idea. Love the patchwork poncho! Love T

yosemite faith said...

jonathon logan was a big deal in my day. i still the one that i owned in the 60's. love madras - that was so big when i went to junior high. showing my age.

Dave said...

Shelley Hack was my favorite "Charlie's Angel". Vastly underrated!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I didn't know that plaid had a name! I always learn something on your blog. Twyla