Monday, July 26, 2010

Some More Of My Finds

Some more of my most recent finds from yard sales and thrift shops, starting with my favorite - this sweet little lady:

I have quite a few of these great old quilted satin organizers, but I didn't have one this size (over 13 inches square); at the same sale I found some hankies, lanterns and other linens:

I found a little blue Pyrex bowl and a yellow Brookpark Melamine bowl:

A set of Hazel Atlas Moderntone white sherbet dishes:
Metal utility boxes, one of them adorned with butterfly decals!
You know I love my restaurant china! A set of nine brown Hall china bowls; I'm picturing these with homemade individual chicken pot pies inside come fall:
A huge marbled green and orange lamp - I actually love it, but there is no place for it in our home:
A simpler pottery lamp in a mustard color:
And it's always nice to find a little bit of Christmas -this tin was up high on a shelf at Salvation Army where all you could see was the side. A bonus - it was full of buttons! Not terribly exciting ones, but there were a few neat vintage ones in there. Lori found the little glass candle holders for me:
I love the graceful lines of this deer - I have a similar, larger one, and they will look great together. Plus, I found a few little goodies for crafting:
Some of these finds are keepers, others I will put in the shop.
Because I can't keep everything.
(I keep telling myself that.)


Tina Dawn said...

I love your lanterns. Great finds. Love T

~~Carol~~ said...

I have that little lady in blue and pink! You found lots of goodies, and I especially like that yellow lamp. I'm attracted to great old lamps from the 50s right now, but I have nowhere to put one. If I could have just one more room added on to this house....
Happy Monday!

yosemite faith said...

a tin full of buttons - ahhh memories of my gram. i am so glad that i accidentally got it and the buttons i played with and matched up were still inside. as always - good going heidi.

farmlady said...

I hope the sweet little lady is one of your "keepers". If not... where is your shop?? I need to visit and look for the little lady.
You found the real gold in the gold country...

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love your sweet little lady and those lanterns. I found a package of vintage lanterns at an antique store and now I am hooked! Twyla

Anonymous said...

That's the tin I had as a child and used as my sewing box. Thanks for showing!