Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pajama Parties

I think we all probably have fond memories of pajama parties, slumber parties, sleepovers - whichever you called them - with girlfriends, don't we?
Did you have pillow fights? I don't remember doing that, but maybe we did:
Eating - yep, I think I remember that:
From 1958: these sisters "could stage a pajama party for the senior class without disturbing their napping little sister...".
Dig that cool wall hanging on the brick fireplace:

Reel to reel tapes! Um - yes, I remember those, too - but 'm not sure we were allowed to "play" with ours. The Beatles on the wall, cookies - life is good:

Playing records, laughing, talking, snacking, staying up until all hours of the night - looks like they're having fun to me! I'd sure love to have that lady bust on her dresser:
This next one is an ad from 1970. I was more likely to have just one of my best girlfriends over at a time back then. These girls have the right idea, too! The Beatles, Bobby Sherman, popcorn - and that's a Seventeen magazine she's looking at - I recognize the pictures. I like the posters on her wall the mugs they're drinking out of:

Here we go - eating again, in this picture from a 1971 ad. No wonder they stay up all night - must be all that caffeine in the Coca-Cola. You could send away for "the colorful slumber bag complete with carrying case and the shorty pajamas with matching mini pants" that the girls both have. Just $12.95 with proofs of purchase from Coke and Libby's Sloppy Joe! Now we're talking:

I think I want to do this again.
I just don't know if I could stay up that late......
Maybe if I have a Coke.


barncat said...

Oh what fun! We called them slumber parties, but my daughter now informs me they are "sleep overs". Whatever you call them, they were always fun, but there was never much sleeping or slumbering!

Tina Dawn said...

Lois used to have slumber parties and we would suck the juice of lemon halves through peppermint sticks. Our teeth would feel funny for a week after that! Love T

Anonymous said...

Seeing those images from the 50s & 70s makes me wish I lived in those days. I love the decor! Looks so cozy.

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

When I was 10 or so, a girlfriend and I spent the whole summer in one big sleepover. Each of us would spend days at the others house and then. Back and forth we would go.

yosemite faith said...

lots of em and lots of just one friend at a time. i have a picture i found where a girl i went to high school with and i 'modeled' pjs at knapp's - the coolest dept store that was huge and the outside was done in art deco. it stands empty now but it is still there. anyway in that picture we look at lot like that plus a huge fake bottle of coke prop - they must have been sponsering it or something.

Anthony said...

I hope I'm not too late for the pajama party?... That is, if you even allow boys to join in on the non-slumbering festivities. Perhaps, you'd make an exception just for me, though. After all, I'm different from the rest of the boys... ;)

Great post, Heidi! I dig ALL of the pics, and I'm now longing for those simpler days of youth when the most exciting fun you could hope for was having your friend/s spend the night, or vice versa!

So when IS that next slumber party, anyway? ;D

Sonja said...

Oh, I don't live too far, let's have a slumber party! We could talk about our thrifty finds and crafts, while having sloppy joes and coke! LOVE it! One of those gals in the 4th pic down needs her roots done. :p