Monday, September 6, 2010

You Know Me...The Movie, The Book, The LP....

If I have one, I have to have the other...and on and on it goes. This started way back, okay? When I was younger and I went to see a movie and I LOVED it - well, I wanted the experience to live on forever. So I would buy the book. And I would get the soundtrack LP, too, if I possibly could. Because the only other thing you could do was go see the movie again and again. And that wasn't always possible. I only just recently achieved my thrift quest for a VHS copy of Romeo and Juliet. Already had the book and the LP. I wasn't even a teenager yet when this movie came out:

You couldn't buy your very own copy of the movie to watch whenever you felt like it back then. But as soon as that WAS a possibility - well, I mean, I HAD to get them, didn't I? I was in high school when I fell in love with Redford and Newman in both "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid" and in this one - "The Sting":

And it didn't stop as the years went on, either."New York, New York" came out in 1977. LOVED it:

Liza in a big-band era musical - it doesn't get much better than that.


yosemite faith said...

wonderful films - i remember the wonder of going to the movies - don't really like it now - everyone thinks they are in their living room and they talk thru the entire movie. but in a different time it was THE thing and could transform you away! another one i remember really enjoying was one that our entire class went to when i was in jr high - taming of the shrew with elizabeth taylor and richard burton. so good. i really can go back and remember when i first saw those movies - first run - in a theatre (not a cinemaplex or whatever they call them).

Tina Dawn said...

And before you had VHS or DVD for the movie, you had big sister Tina there to act it all out for you. But maybe you don't remember that. I was older so would see the movie, and then repeat it all for you kids usually out in the driveway. Maybe not quite the same as going to the theater, but we had fun. Love T

Paul Duca said...

My school took us to see ROMEO & JULIET when I was in junior high (about 10 years after its original release, when home video was an expensive novelty) at an old-style movie house in the next town.
Of course, they did note on the permission slip that we would be seeing Romeo's bare bottom.