Friday, September 17, 2010

Patio Living - A Little Longer??

Summer might be nearly over, but if you still are enjoying mild weather where you live, you can still enjoy outdoor living - especially if you have a nice patio, or even just a nice umbrella table, perhaps?
And some good company?
Although, I WOULD prefer to be poolside when the weather is very warm, like the lady in the picture below. We had an unusually mild and cooler summer this year. I loved it! I also love these types of tables and chairs, by the way!:
Still having lots of sunny days? Grill up something tasty, and just hang out. Don't get too hot out there!
This next picture actually reminds me of our patio a little. I don't know, I guess because the house is white, and we have a brick patio....

And if it cools off too much for you, you could always get an outdoor heater or fire pit, you know. We have an old built-in barbecue that hasn't been used for years. I kind of want to set a pan of briquets in there and have S'mores one of these evenings!
Wanna come?


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Sounds lovely! That last one reminds me of my house too. Not much of an overhang, open backyard with little porch to speak of.

We used to have a big tree to sit in the shade under while Dad cooked on the small grill during hot summer nights. I sure miss those days!

Zootsuitmama said...

I just went out and pulled a couple more tomato plants out of the garden.All that's left is a pepper plant and a couple of tomato plants. It's sad, but also exciting. I took today off to clean and decorate for Fall. That always kinda makes it real that the porch season is ending. I do have a fire pit though! Zootsuitmama

Anonymous said...

Love your images! We love brick patios! Thanks for your sweet comment btw! Our answer is yes, as long as you credit us, we'd be honored:)


yosemite faith said...

i wish we had a pool. we have a lake within walking distance but john can't swim in freshwater - has a severe allergy to the alge in lakes, rivers, streams etc. he can swim in salt water but the great lakes are like oceans but fresh water. so any way - wish we had a pool. it has been a wonderful summer here. last year was what everyone here called the summer that wasn't. our garden wasn't either it was that miserable cold & cloudy. love the old ads as always.

Tina Dawn said...

I love our deck/patio, although it isn't old like these. We enjoyed it last night with a neighbor. It was so nice to sit out there and watch the darkness descend. Love T