Thursday, September 2, 2010

Then And Now # 68 Morton Salt

Morton Salt has been around a LONG time! Today I am featuring some of their advertisements and products, starting with the oldest vintage ad I could find - this one is from 1922:

Another - this one for Morton Livestock Salt, from 1949:

Back to table salt - here's one from 1957:

And 1959:


A little bit of then and now both in this picture! Here are a variety of Morton Salts from my pantry, including vintage Morton Salt Miniatures. How cute are they?
These days, Morton has all kinds of varieties!
All you need do is go online to their website or go to the supermarket......

.....and try to decide which one(s) you want/need!


Tina Dawn said...

Very interesting. I have yet to try their sea salt. I am glad they have kept the little girl pouring salt, it is a national staple. Love T

Lorlore said...

I will have to try the sea salt!!
Love the miniatures!!

farmlady said...

That little girl from 1959 looks like you in your childhood photos on the right column of your blog. Cute!
What a collection of Morton Salt containers.
Is sea salt really better...or just different?

yosemite faith said...

i have always loved their 'logo' - great to see the old ads. never knew about the livestock aspect of them. my gramps leased out a pasture that people put their cows on and boy did he have salt licks!