Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Vintage Family Photos

Good morning. This is Tina, and I am going to again share some of our old family photos with you. Most of these were very small to start with so they are not as clear after scanning and making them larger. I hope you enjoy them anyway. We are lucky to have these photos. Most were given to me by our wonderful Auntie Lyn, our Daddy's sister.
I am starting with a not-quite-as-vintage photo of the Gold Country Girls.
This is our Great Uncle Connie. He was so tall, dark and handsome. I am not sure who the lucky lady is who was photographed with him. We were never lucky enough to know him, since he died fairly young.
This is our wonderful Auntie Lyn with her Daddy, our Grandpa Pop. I just love this picture.
This is our Mom and our Grandma Mom (our Daddy's Mom). They got along well.
This is our Grandma Mom and our Mom again. This photo was taken in Wisconsin, when my Mom was pregnant with me. Our Mom used to tell about the car trip from California to Wisconsin, and her being so very pregnant. Daddy was driving hell-bent to get there and would hardly make any stops, and well, did I mention she was pregnant? She had to stop fairly often to visit the little girls room. Did not make for a very comfortable trip. I think she was very happy to be standing here on the Wisconsin goat farm taking a photo with her mother-in-law!
In the middle of this photo is our Great Grandmother (our Grandpa Pop's Mom) and Auntie Lyn again on the right. Unfortunately as the years have passed, the lady on the left has been forgotten.
This last photo is of our set of Great Grandparents on the other side (our Grandma Mom's parents). They were immigrants from Czechoslovakia to Wisconsin.
I hope you enjoyed our vintage family photos.


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, yes - I enjoyed them very much!! I don't believe I had seen them before.
This post was a lovely surprise.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Nothing like family. A great bunch of photos. Very Nice!

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

Love looking at old photos. Thanks.

Lorlore said...

Love the Family!!!!! Great photos!

yosemite faith said...

loved these photos and glad to know that your mom and mother in law got along just fine! i enjoyed this so much

farmlady said...

Value these photos and write the names of the people on the backs...please. I have so many photos that have familiar looking faces but the names are gone. Now, I write everyone's name on the back of the photo with the dates because someday your grandchildren will thank you.
Wonderful old photos....