Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beloved Bob Hope - Stamps and Books

Bob Hope is yet another of my favorite entertainers. I was delighted when they released the postage stamps honoring him!! Aren't they great?
As I am wont to do when I am especially enamored of someone, I began many years ago collecting Bob Hope's books. He wrote quite a few! I don't have the number handy, but I think I may have finally gotten them all. I am only showing you a few examples here today:
It took some searching::
And I started looking way back before eBay:
Mostly I have the books he wrote himself:

But my search and my collection aren't limited to his own - nope, I will take any book written ABOUT him, as well.
Loved the man. Yep, him and Bing and me - we go way back.


yosemite faith said...

"so this is peace" - how interesting - i would read that book. uso and the shows for the troops - both my brothers were in viet nam and boy where those HUGE events - so much so that neither of my brothers could even begin to try to join the throngs of soldiers. and stamps? well all of us ex usps-ers know how that goes. i miss seeing and getting all the stamps first hand. thanks for the memories.........

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I grew up being entertained by Bob Hope. For some reason I never knew he wrote books! Twyla