Wednesday, July 15, 2009

John Denver

I was lucky enough to see John Denver at Lake Tahoe twice back in the 80's. I loved his music when I first heard it in high school, starting with "Take Me Home, Country Roads", and I still love it today.
I did (of course!) keep my LP's that I bought sometime back in the 70's, but a lot of my albums are packed away. I did save a couple of the postcards from the performances at Harrah's, like this one:
And I have just this one piece of sheet music:
I also ended up buying the CD version of some of the albums I had - so I could listen to them in the car, mostly:
The one on the bottom, below, "All Aboard" was my most recently purchased CD:
It was so sad when he died. I am certain he had a lot more music left inside, that we never got to hear.
At least we can still enjoy the musical legacy he left with us!
And, believe me, I DO.


yosemite faith said...

i saw him live in michigan before i moved to california so it was early to mid 1970's. it was an outside venue then called pine knob. one of my favorite places ever to see and hear live music. it was a unique venue - the closest i could find in california wa concord pavillion - but i like pine knob better. he was wonderful - of course - and once again heidi ho you have sparked lots of fond memories for me.

Debra said...

Oh, Heidi, how I miss him, and how I loved that music! Annie's Song, there's nothing better.

Lorlore said...

We braved a snowstorm in mid-Feb. 1986 to see him in Lake Tahoe. My son was 6 weeks old, Gma babysat, and we were going to get there one way or another!! It all worked out!
My ex used to be mistaken for him. He had a haircut and glasses and looked a little like him, but sure couldn't sing!!!! Still listen to him of and on along with my 70's tunes!!

Anonymous said...

I loved him (and still do) too! I lived in Monterey, California and I had every album. The CD covers you have shown brought back lots of fond memories for me. I listened to his music pretty much every day from about 8 years old until about 12 years old. How ironic it still seems to me, that he ended up dying not far from where grew up, loving his music. He was a very prominent artist on the soundtrack to my childhood!