Friday, July 24, 2009

MAD Magazine

When we were growing up, Daddy either had a subscription to Mad magazine, or he bought it nearly every month at the store. We enjoyed reading it, too - and it was part of our childhood! I especially liked the take-offs on movies and TV shows, and "The Lighter Side Of..", and so many other regular features! I don't have any of the original magazines, but I did get these books:
....because they were the closest thing I could get! They are really great, actually - LOTS of content straight from the original magazine pages ( things that I even remember!) inside:

I had to have all three of them - not sure if there are any others, but I'm good with these three.
The "Mad Fold-In" pages at the back were another particular favorite of mine.
Do you remember them, too?
I must confess that the thing that inspired this post was the Chef Boyardee advertisement below. I've mentioned before how fascinated I am by advertising - old and new, either in print or on-screen - wherever.
(Sorry I did not do a perfect Fold-In job on this, but you get the idea.)
Clever, huh?


Mama Brook said...

My husband is OBSESSED with MAD. He has all the books they published and even has an Alfred E. Newman tattoo. Did I mention he was obsessed?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah - i had two older brothers and mad was a staple for him - i loved the fold ins. and of course we loved 'the usual gang of idiots' - did we identify with them or what?
oops forgot to sign in - yosemite faith

Annette said...

"Spy vs. Spy" was one of my favorites but I also loved the take off of the movies. I wish we had saved all the magazines. But selling our family home did in a lot of our first collecting skills. Love T