Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Fun - Don't Get Burned!

Ohhh, no - here's an advertisement from a 1968 issue of Seventeen magazine:
Don't do it, girls! We all know that's not a good idea, right?
Yes, her tan looks gorgeous - but it's a better idea to protect yourself! Bonne Bell (and Cheryl Tiegs) say "save your skin":
Coppertone "gives you a better tan" - but they make products for protection, too.
Well, if you do get a sunburn (and I hope you don't!) , you can always try Solarcaine, I suppose:
Or, like "The Barbecued Set" in this ad, how about soothing it with Noxzema?
I think I probably did use Noxzema for that, too, years ago - but mostly I washed my face with it. Yes - only EVERY morning for , oh, at least THIRTY years. Seriously.
I use something else now - but that's a subject for another post....


yosemite faith said...

i still use bonnie bells after sun lotion. it is the best - i was glad to see it in their add. i try but john is so bad about using sunscreen.

Annette said...

I was like the very tan girl in the first ad, AND I used the baby oil. I am lucky I am not an old prune now. Yes, Noxema is very soothing for a sunburn, but it seems to dry your skin out if you leave it on, I think. I love the cool feel of it and the scent. Cheryl Tiegs was one of my favorite models back in the day. Love T

Lisa said...

We use to add iodine to the baby oil when we used it. Not sure why now. Must have stained us along with the sunburn/tan.
Mom always put vinegar on us when we got burnt. I would have preferred the Noxema it sure would have smelled better!!

Heidi Ann said...

Lisa - I remember the iodine, too! I think my sister used it more than me. Of the three of us, I have the fairest skin. I think I can burn in one minute.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh how well I remember that Solarcaine ad! Looking at these ads I think no wonder I layed and baked in the sun for hours! I always had to be the darkest one at school! Twyla

Annette said...

I never used iodine in my baby oil, not that I wouldn't have, but I don't think I ever heard of that, being from the "out in the sticks" gold country area and not around the beach. But I didn't really need it, I get dark enough anyway. Love T