Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Fun - In The Water

For fun in the water, perhaps you would like to keep your hair dry by donning a cute swim cap? Or not. (These were designed by Betty Geib and pictured in Life Magazine, 1959):
Or maybe the kids would like a fun blow-up toy to play with (1953)?
I found this one (which is very similar to one of those featured in the ad above) in a box up in a closet where it had been stored away for over 50 years!
Bulgy! My husband remembers playing with it when he was a little boy:
How about something else to float away on? For the kids:

Or for you? Now, this looks extremely relaxing:
But like it says in the article accompanying the photograph "A shady umbrella isn't enough; cover up.....Be careful."
I would burn in about a minute. But it still looks inviting.


Annette said...

When I was young (and even now that I am a Grandma), when I got hot for any reason my face would turn an amazing tomato red. Not from sunburn, just my skin flushing. I have even asked my cardiologist about it, and he says it is just natural for some people, and is actually a cooling mechanism and not harmful to me, as bad as it looks. In my little autograph book from 7th grade my "Daddy Don" (after I'm sure seeing my face on a hot day) wrote to me "A little advice to a nice young lady: Stay out of the hot sun, and play where it's shady". I try to follow his advice to this day. Love T

yosemite faith said...

first i love love love water toys-floats etc. but those swim caps are fantastic!!!!!! wow - and then bulgie that your husband had played with - this post has put me in water fun heaven!!!!! when i lived in copperopolis i was on the water every day in season and of course john fished almost every day. great post heidi ho!

Heidi Ann said...

T- that is so sweet about the "autograph"! I loved it that he signed things Daddy Don.

Anthony said...

This post has some pretty great retro flava!

The swim caps are funny. And Bulgy was such a wonderful thing to find in the closet, loved seeing that! But he's not very "bulgy" in your photos... Aren't you going to inflate him? That would be cool to see.

As always, I'm totally digging the old ads!

Heidi Ann said...

I guess we are not going to blow Bulgy up - he is already packed back away in the box. But he is in remarkably good shape for such an old guy!

Kim G. said...

Oh that does look inviting! And I just love Mr. Bulgy!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Reminds me of the days I layed in the sun on an airmattress trying to get tan. I love that first photo! Twyla