Friday, July 10, 2009

From Yard Sales And Thrift Shops

Between yard sales I went to with my sister the last weekend in June, and my most recent visits to thrift shops, I managed to come up with all of these goodies - Christmas stuff, including a box of blue Shiny Brites, and four boxes of the lights you see at left. (Christmas in July! Almost.)
A large basket that I thought would be nice to display linens on in the shop, a great Kerr Home Canning Book from 1948, rose-bordered sheet, a metal pagoda bookend, pretty floral tin, etc:
A wicker basket/tote, two of Armistead Maupin's books, a 1971 Simpicity pattern:
The colors didn't show up well in the photo above - here again are the pattern, a bright vintage handkerchief, and a packet of Just-A-Note cards:
I found a bunch of vintage hangers including one with my favorite crocheted covering, and some other different ones, but I just can't pass them up when they are cheap! They were bundled together in groups, and I like the quilted coverings, too. I also found some unused enamel white and black house numbers, and a small frame:
Everybody else had walked right by this dirty, crappy-looking pedestal dish at the best yard sale we hit - but not me. I snapped it right up for 75c!
Why, you may ask? Well, that would be because I already had the top for it at home!! I bought it over a year ago at a thrift shop. I just picked it up and thought "I'll bet I can find something this will fit on".

And, as it turns out, I was right. Not only did it fit - it is absolutely THE correct lid for the dish! I managed to find a place for it, and my husband has already filled it with candy.


yosemite faith said...

i love christmas in july - i had a friend who has since passed that always had a bash in july for christmas in july. it was always so fun. i love your shiny brites - and so many great finds. isn't great that the top and bottom of the candy dish finally met once again!

barbara said...

Don't you love finding the perfect match for something? (especially for 75 cents!)

Anthony said...

Heidi, it's like you have a 6th sense for matching up vintage odds & ends! It's a gift, I tell you! Don't squander it...

Great finds, as usual!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Just a note cards! That's what I was trying to describe in another comment! I couldn't remember that's what they were called. How funny you just found some. I love your treasures and best of all the bottom part of your candy dish. I do that too, buy beautiful lids hoping I'll find the bottom. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Vintage Hunter said...

How perfect! Lots of great finds.