Sunday, July 5, 2009

Betsey Clark

Okay - so you knew this was coming - I showed you a calendar from 1970 - so how about one from 1980? Remember Betsey Clark?
Her little waif-like children were so adorable. I love how there is a calico border around each page:
When I found the calendar, I also found this little coloring book:

I had colored just a few of the pictures inside:
I didn't even remember that I had this little book:
So sweet:
And this is the top of a box that held Betsey Clark stationery; you see a sample of the paper with the box top:

There is more to come about my old stationery in a future post.
(All of these items are from Hallmark. I've mentioned before how much I love Hallmark!)


Lorlore said...

Looooooove Betsey Clark!!!! I have some things from long ago, also. Found some large cards at a thrift store recently,too. Toooo cute!!!

yosemite faith said...

how great that you had a coloring book!!! that is so special.

Anonymous said...

I had that stationary! I looooove Betsey Clark, too!

lilian said...

I love betsey clark too and I still have some stationery... if someone wants to change please contact me..

Twyla and Lindsey said...

How I loved Betsy Clark! I collected many items in my teenaged years. They are very sweet. Twyla

alma said...

I loved, loved, loved Betsey Clark. She was one of the precious things that brought my mother and I closer for a minute. I had so many wonderful things and my two favorite dolls that i kept in such good condition should i ever have a daughter, which I did, but she died at 6months old. Then a wicked roommate stole my entire collection.

Debbie said...

Does anybody have the Betsey Clark calendar that included recipes? I have lost my "Family Favorite Meatloaf" recipe that I had gotten off that calendar and would love to have the recipe again. It was the best meatloaf ever!

If anybody has the recipe, please contact me at

Anonymous said...

I love Betsey Clark too!! I have two of her calendars. One dated 1985 called Music is for sharing and 1984 called Together times. Purchased them during that time and I think they are so cute.

Kristina said...

I also love Betsey Clark. When cleaning out my closets a month ago, I found the coloring book. I am missing two of the pages. I can give you a list of the pages I have and would love to get a copy of the two pages I am missing if possible. I was thinking of making a quilt for my granddaughter Sadie.


Ni said...

Hi Girls!!
My Name is Nitya and I from Brazil, and I simply love the Betsey Clarks stationery.
if someone wants to change please contact me..
My mail