Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabulous Finds Made Of Fabric

First up today: The fabric you see in the background, below, is some kind of a daybed cover of sorts, with a striking floral design. It really caught my eye, and I think it's wonderful:
We've got some super bright and beautiful color going on in this blouse, below:

More fabulous color on one of the brightest, prettiest aprons I have ever found:
I love it!

A truly lovely vintage blouse with Asian styling and colorful graphics on a black background:
Huge paisley swirls in a riot of fiery sunset colors really pop on this vintage top:
The flowers on the black background of this remnant are nearly neon!
And just one more thing (though not really a "fabric" find), I wanted to include this colorful crocheted sweater I picked up for my dear little grand niece:
I couldn't leave it at the thrift shop; I thought it was the cutest little sweater I've ever seen!

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Tina Dawn said...

I just love the bright and beautiful blouse, daybed cover, apron and the Asian vintage blouse. I wish I were our little grand niece so I could wear that cute little sweater. How precious it is! Thank you for the nice bright start to my TGIF day. Love T