Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stuff A Bag Sale - And More

Every so often, one of our local thrift stores has a "Stuff A Bag" sale. Everything you can fit into a bag for five dollars, plus tax.
Every thing you see in the first five photos of this post were stuffed into my bag.
Frames, fabric, boxed cards, pompom fringe, a stitchery kit,etc:
Argyle sock kit, sash, brocade-like fabric, Hallmark candle holders, ribbon, place mats:
Pillow cases, finished needlepoint canvas, cards, votive holders, a floral tablecloth:

A gorgeous floral western-style shirt, like new:

Another one of my "thrifted" top and bag combinations:

And I didn't even show you everything I stuffed in there. When I got home and added up all the price tags on my items, my total would have been $52.36 (including tax). Do I know how to stuff a five dollar bag, or what?
The remainder of today's items were found at other thrift stores recently. An hand-painted egg cup from Italy, and two vintage Takahashi ceramic (or are they pottery?) items:

A truly lovely stitched pillow:
And one more wearable combo for you - so pretty in yellow and blue. I love the look of the two together:

That's all for today!


Tina Dawn said...

Wow. Impressive! How to turn $52 into $5. Good job! love T

lorlore said...

You 'good bag stuffer' you!!!!!

Protector of Vintage said...

Great job! Everything you brought home is lovely. I wish the thrift stores around here would host some "Stuff a Bag" sales!! Looks like a lot of fun at great savings.

Farmlady said...

You are a $5 dollar bag stuffanista!! You really did well.
I still think you are going to need a bigger house soon.
Maybe a small barn? LOL!

Anonymous said...

That's one hardworking bag! I love that pillow. Sooooo much.

Thanks for sharing! Inspired me to hit the thrift stores this week. I've been so busy at estate sales this summer that I've been neglecting them. :)