Monday, September 19, 2011

Then And Now # 82 Tabasco Sauce

Good old McIlhenny Co. Tabasco Brand Sauce. It's been around since 1868. I don't have an ad to share from that far back!
So, let's fast forward to 1962. Back "Then", there was just the one, their famous red Pepper Sauce:

This ad is from 1968 - still the one and only Red:

They also make a Bloody Mary Mix. Here's how it looked back in 1975:

But "Now", on my grocer's shelf, I found all three of these, below - not only the Original Flavor, but also Green Pepper Sauce and Chipotle!
There are a number of other sauce flavors, as well. They make Buffalo Style Hot Sauce, Habanero Sauce, Garlic Pepper Sauce, and Sweet & Spicy Pepper Sauce, along with a host of other products including salsas and snacks.
But right "Now" in my cupboard? You'll find only the Green Pepper Sauce. I'm afraid the Original Red is actually too hot for me - but I LOVE the Green!

And it's all for me - my husband doesn't touch the stuff.
He doesn't know what he's missing.


Tina Dawn said...

I love the original and the green pepper. Put some green pepper down a little tablespoon-size line of cottage cheese rolled in a slice of deli ham or turkey. It is great. Love T

Paul Duca said...

I have to say, I don't like what you are doing now...putting your photos in a separate folio. You click on one, it takes you there. Click again, it moves to the next one.

How can you make them bigger now so you see the details?

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Paul - I didn't make any changes, and I noticed that myself. It also is happening on some of the other blogs I read, and I don't like it either.
Believe me, if I knew how to change or fix it, I would - because I, too dislike it very much!