Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Luna Checks In

Hello people persons. I don't know if you remember me. I am Luna, Tina's middle kitty. I had to put my feet down, because lately around here it has all been Ishi, Ishi, Ishi, and frankly, I am very sick of it. Ishi is really a big thorn in my fur, and he gets all the publicity around here.
As you can see, I am still here and although at eight years old I may be old enough to be Ishi's mom, I am NOT maternal and remind him of that every time he comes near with a stupendous growl that he is learning to take seriously. Unlike Cheshire Cat, who doesn't growl, but rather manages a wimpy whine and then actually plays with the little pain-in-the-tail, I do not lower myself to that level. I am too busy hunting and enjoying the lovely end-of-summer weather to bother with a playful younger feline.

So the other day I made sure that my mom, came outside a bit and noticed how prettily I blend in with the flowers, early falling leaves, and shadows filling the yard this time of year.

The naked ladies are starting to pop up all over, and I want her to do a post on them, so I was hoping to lure her out with the camera. She doesn't walk much anymore due to her hip so it was up to me to look really cute so she would notice me and want to follow me with the camera.

I headed out towards the garden, blending in with the shadows of the oaks. Mom was wondering why her hubby and his shadow, that pesky corgi Robbi, had been so quiet all morning out on the property somewhere. What were they doing?

I walked a way closer so that she would see them out in the garden, pruning the grape vines. A silent chore. Okay, mystery solved, now on to show her the flowers.

I pose in shadow and point out the naked ladies all lined up around the driveway. Years ago mom planted about 50 bulbs surrounding the retaining wall here, and every August they burst forth with mostly pink, fragrant lilies. I enjoy them.

I made sure I posed in one spot, and then moved on.

I drew her attention to the interesting pathway of oak branch shadows that I could follow as I purused the blooms.

So nice out here without that kitten to bother me, and my mom all to myself.

But it can't last forever.

I want mom to take more pictures of the naked ladies but I know she wasn't up to hiking all over the yard today, so I decided to lead her back over to the house for a break.

We stopped to smell the flowers on the way.

I was hoping for a nice cool slab of concrete to flop down on. Too bad mom can't do this, it is so soothing to lie here.

Up the steps mom, come on, I know you can do it.

Back into the house to see what mischief that interloper Ishi has been up to.

Until next time, people persons.


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Oh I so enjoy the furbabies & their "interpretation" of their lives ~ through ours. What a beautiful Luna, what beautiful pictures, what a beautiful stroll through this part of your life. Thanks so much for sharing "That Darn Cat" ;- ) with us. BTW - Lucky you - your naked ladies are just starting to bloom - mine already bit the dust! Oh well, beauty comes, beauty goes, but at least we know they'll be back just as pretty next year (UNlike our faces! - waah!) AhhHemm, I s'pose I should speak for myself :- )

Heidi Ann said...

Luna is SUCH a beautiful kitty! Tell her hello from her Kitty Cousin Dizzy.

Andy's Attic said...

Go Luna!! What a good Kitty to lure her mom out amongst the flora and fauna for a little walk.