Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Once Upon A Time in Placerville No. 8: Panoramas, the Ivy House and Pearson's Soda Works

Good morning, Tina here.

Today I am showing you two panoramic pictures from approximately 1910, which were recently for sale on ebay. Unfortunately I was not the lucky winner (and payer-outer of mucho dinero) but I saved copies of the photos and will share them with you here.
Houses on the hillside. A familiar sight in Placerville, but I am not sure where these are. I haven't spent a lot of time searching out the site. I am pretty sure they are on the North side of the creek (and now highway). I am thinking they are probably located at Lincoln and Norman Streets, since they are high above the town in the right area. There are still a lot of old homes up there although some have been torn down. I will print this photo out one of these days and go for a drive and see if there are any homes left for comparison.

Charles Elmer Upton Photo. There are several old real photo postcards printed by Upton. I would have liked to have added these photos to my collection, but they are rare and the seller was asking a high price, and got it.

A closeup of some of the homes on the hill. I am ready to move in as soon as we find them. I love the yards with their wire and wood fences.

The next panoramic photo has the Ivy House on the left and the Pearson's Soda Works (now the home of the Cozmic Cafe). Look just off center right for the two story building with three windows. In the background Cedar Ravine winds off to the Southeast with lots of homes clustered together.

The entire photo, which I wish I had in a bigger version, appears to be taken from a hillside, perhaps the one with the homes in the first photos (see the fence?)

That is it for today. Just a quick journey into the past, thanks for coming with me.


lorlore said...

Just thinking this might be up the street that takes off freeway 50 west, between Bedford and Spring??? Not sure of the name of that street. Maybe??

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my gosh, that house with the little tower is my DREAM HOUSE! forever and ever i have dreamed of having a victorian style house with a library in the tower. that would be my quiet place to read and look out over the land. a spiral staircase winding up to the tower. anyway when i noticed the sodaworks building in the next photo, i got the chills! how beautiful the ivy house was, i'm sad it is not there anymore and now they are even talking about taking out that parking lot to make a round-about. i am so grateful for your interest and knowledge in the history of our town, keeps it alive for all of us.

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, those are such fantastic photos! I am so glad you were able to at least save them to share with us! I will move in with you to one of those houses on the hill.
Yes, Heather - you come, too!