Sunday, September 4, 2011

Then And Now # 81 Nestle's Chocolate (Again)

I know I have written about Nestle's brand products a number of times before, but I have a couple of reasons for doing so again today. The first one is that I found some more advertisements and recipes in my vintage magazines, and I wanted to share them. So we will travel through time with Nestle's once again, from "Then" until "Now".
Let's begin with fudge, from 1964:

"Kookie Brittle" from 1967:
Milk Chocolate Marble Squares And Chocolate Mallow-Mint Delight from 1969:

Have you ever tried their Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie? It's REALLY good!
Finally we arrive at the "Now", which happens to be the second reason for my post - a new product! I get kind of excited about new products; does that make me the ideal consumer?

I like my old stand-by Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Morsels just fine, thank you very much - but I will definitely be trying their new Dark Chocolate Morsels, all the same.
Because I'm a sucker for new products, a loyal Nestle fan - and a true chocolate fiend.

(See? Told you I was going to try them!)


Tina Dawn said...

I am not a fan of dark chocolate, so actually I really like the idea of dark chocolate chips, they will blend well with the cookies and I know it is better for me. I will have to get the Kookie Brittle recipe from you (it is a bit hard to read on my computer even blown up) it looks really yummy. Thanks for adding to my Sunday morning problems, I was up at 5 am making biscuits and managed not to eat any, and now I want cookies or fudge! Oh well... Love T

farmlady said...

I enlarged the Kookie Brittle recipe. I have got to try that... with the dark chocolate chips.
Um, um good...
Love this post.

Midcenturymadam said...

Dark chocolate is a health food in my book! Let's all eat healthy today!